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2022 toyota hybrid lineup with 2023 corolla gr in background doing smoke burnout rainbow shaped winning brand in drummondville

What is the most reliable used car? The legendary reliability of Toyota cars has been proven! Whether it's a new or used vehicle, a Toyota car is a wise choice. Why have their vehicles been chosen by so many motorists for almost a hundred years? That's what we'll talk about today.

From 1937 until today, the world has changed and the demand for reliable automobiles has significantly increased. How does Toyota continue to stand out from the competition as a car manufacturer?

That's what your Toyota dealership in Drummondville will explain! Its inventory of new and used Toyota vehicles will delight Toyota fans!

Toyota: A History Marked by Innovation

Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in 1937. Before starting to manufacture automobiles, Toyota was known across Japan for having invented the first mechanical loom. Sakichi Toyoda is recognized by history as the father of the Japanese industrial revolution.

It was this interest in innovation that led Toyota to start producing automobiles in an industry that was still in its early stages. The Toyota AA proved to be a good competitor to the vehicles of the time, especially with its lower price.

Later on, the 4X4 Toyota G1 entered the market. The reliability of the cars of this period needed constant improvement, Toyota seized the opportunity to offer free repairs to the Toyota G1, even going so far as to offer a replacement car if the problem was too important.

Trust between Toyota and its customers is as important as the quality of the vehicles sold and the innovation required to remain a popular choice for motorists and the automotive industry. This has been at the heart of the company since its establishment.

In terms of Toyota electric cars, the manufacturer puts a great deal of energy since the arrival of the Prius on the market in 1997 and is still innovating today with the Toyota Mirai, the manufacturer's first hydrogen fuel cell car!

Toyota: A Loyal Clientele and a High Level of Reliability

Let's not forget that the Toyota Corolla is the best-selling vehicle of all time, celebrating 50 million cars sold in 2021. Guillaume Rivard, from The Car Guide, tells us briefly about it:

"Toyota recently sold the 50 millionth copy of the Corolla since the model's inception in 1966--with 12 generations spanning 55 years. That's one every 28 seconds, for goodness' sake."

A Toyota Corolla car sold every 28 seconds… How many Toyota Corollas have been sold worldwide since you started reading?

The Toyota Sienna won The Car Guide's 2022 best buy award in the minivan category! Its technical specifications make it a first choice:

  • Comfortable transportation of up to 8 passengers
  • Towing capacity of 3,501 pounds
  • Spacious trunk that can hold between 949 and 2,860 pounds

Toyota: Constant Recognition from the Automotive Industry

The chart below details the scope of Toyota's awards won between 2021 and today. Toyota cars are popular with customers and automotive critics alike!

Brand and Model of Toyota Vehicle

Award Won (Company - Year)

2021 Toyota Prius V

Best Retained Value - Compact category (Canadian Black Book - 2021)

2021 Toyota Avalon

Best Retained Value - Full Size Category (Canadian Black Book - 2021)

2021 Toyota Tacoma

Best Retained Value - Compact Truck Category (Canadian Black Book - 2021)

2021 Toyota Tundra

Best Retained Value - Full Size Truck Category (Canadian Black Book - 2021)

2021 Toyota Sienna

Top Safety Pick+ (IIHS - 2021)

2021 Toyota Highlander

Top Safety Pick+ (IIHS - 2021)

2021 Toyota Camry

Top Safety Pick+ (IIHS - 2021)

2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime

Top Safety Pick (IIHS - 2021)

2022 Toyota Mirai

Best Green Innovation (AJAC - 2022)

Toyota Corolla Cross

Best Compact SUV (AJAC - 2022)

RPM also speaks highly of Toyota's RAV4 as the best compact SUV to buy this year:

"Spacious, well-assembled and, most importantly, reliable, the RAV4 has many strings to its bow, including a multitude of variations sold in a wide price range, a hyper-fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, a plug-in hybrid (Prime trim) capable of up to 70 kilometers on electric mode, the longest range in the segment, and a Trail variation that can tow up to 1,588 kilograms (3,500 pounds)[1]."

How can you do without so many qualities for a reliable Toyota SUV?

Toyota Drummondville: A Vast Choice of New and Used Toyota Cars

Are you looking for a reliable Toyota vehicle? Come and see us at your Toyota dealership in the heart of Québec along Highway 20, near Saint-Hyacinthe and Victoriaville.

Toyota cars available for purchase, lease or financing include:

With our inventory of new and used Toyota cars, you're sure to leave with the vehicle that best suits your needs. Come and see us!

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