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Keep Your Car in Good Working Condition When Not Used

Since last March, Quebec has been put on hold and we have had to limit our road travels. Our vehicles have not suffered from excessive use, but rather the opposite has happened. When we do not drive much, we must do a car maintenance of our vehicle to keep it in good order.

Toyota Drummondville on Highway 20 between Saint-Hyacinthe and Victoriaville gives you a few tips when you don’t drive your car much.

Keeping Your Vehicle in Good Shape

If many people are staying home during this time of pandemic, a short weekly commute of about 20 minutes could save you a lot of trouble. Short trips not only keep your car in good working condition, but also ensure that you optimize certain components of your vehicle.

To keep your vehicle in good shape, check your tire pressure regularly, especially when the vehicle is stationary for long periods of time. Plan ahead and check your coolant level. At your next service appointment, ask to have your air filters, engine oil and brake system checked.

Vehicle maintenance is also a good way to keep your vehicle in good condition and extend its lifespan.

By taking the time for a weekly drive of about 20 minutes with your vehicle, you allow your battery to recharge properly. In addition, a vehicle that remains inactive for too long will develop flat spots on its tires, causing unwanted vibrations while driving. Tires can also lose pressure and should be checked regularly, no matter how you drive.

Furthermore, if brake components are not used regularly, they can develop problems ranging from corrosion on the rotors to the calipers. A weekly 20-minute drive will also help keep these essential safety components in good condition.

Drive belts and other rubber components can also dry out and crack. Driving your vehicle a few minutes a week will keep them flexible and in a good state.

The windshield washer system and wiper blades must also be maintained. Consider using the washer function to spray the windshield and work the blades, not to mention the rear window. Do not operate the wipers on dry windows as this can damage the wiper blades, the window or both.

Even more relevant, many people don’t realize that gasoline has a lifespan that can expire after three months if it is an inferior grade of gasoline. Because of the chemical composition of the gas, its lighter and more volatile components evaporate over time. If the gasoline becomes flawed, it can lead to a variety of problems—from hesitation, stalling and lack of engine power to a failure to start. Vehicles parked for a long period of time can also build up moisture in the fuel tank, causing water to mix with the fuel.

All in all, exercise your vehicle once a week and it will be healthier!

Toyota Drummondville: Foresight on All Fronts!

The dealership par excellence in the heart of Quebec, Toyota Drummondville, along Highway 20 between Saint-Hyacinthe and Victoriaville, suggests regular maintenance of your vehicle even if it doesn’t drive much. For all its models, Toyota recommends maintenance at 8,000 kilometres or six months, whichever comes first. Refer also to the owner’s manual or to Toyota Drummondville for more information.

Toyota Drummondville has been thinking ahead for decades!

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