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2023 Toyota bZ4X blog article


The electric vehicle segment is ramping up at Toyota, offering a large number of hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, but features for the moment only one electric car, the Mirai. However, the new bZ concept, beyond Zero, will see seven 100% electric vehicles by 2025, and the bZ4X SUV will soon lead the way.

Learn more about the technical components, exterior and interior styling, and the latest generation of safety technologies that await you on board.

Toyota bZ4X SUV with off-road capabilities

The Toyota bZ4X will be an SUV with similar proportions to the popular RAV4, only slightly smaller. It has a low center of gravity, with a 71.4 kWh battery is located flat under the floor.

Drivers will have a choice of two powertrains, the first being a single 150 kW electric motor, a front-wheel drive system. The second will include two 80 kW electric motors, one in the front and one in the rear, to provide all-wheel drive.

The latter features a system called X-MODE, an off-road control function for extra grip in all conditions. The bZ4X will not only be nimble on snowy roads, but also off-road. Check the chart below to see how the current figures compare for the two engine options:





150 kW


201 hp

195 lb-ft

2 x 80 kW


215 hp

248 lb-ft

Those who are familiar with Subaru vehicles will recognize this X-MODE, which until now was exclusive to the brand. And that's not the only thing this Toyota and Subaru have in common: the platform, called eTNGA, on which the bZ4X is based, will be the same for the next electric Subaru, the Solterra.

Toyota's bZ4X with a range of about 400 km

Toyota announces a range of 400 km for the front-wheel drive model. Given the energy required by the presence of a second motor, the all-wheel drive version should have a slightly shorter range, but the figures have not yet been revealed.

To maximize range, Toyota is adding a heat pump to this vehicle for heating and cooling that uses less energy from the battery.

Recharging is certainly an issue that makes some users of gasoline or even hybrid cars reluctant. But this Toyota vehicle will be able to gain up to 80 % of its charge in just 30 minutes - enough time to have a coffee break and drive away! It will also be equipped with a solar panel to recharge the battery.

bZ4X electric SUV with cutting-edge styling

The bZ4X is an electric SUV with cutting-edge styling. Among its features, it combines:

  • Aerodynamic and futuristic shapes
  • Slim LED headlights
  • Contrasting trim around the front and rear wheels
  • Low stance
  • Dynamic wheel rim design
  • And much more!

Sylvain Raymond, automobile journalist for RPM, tells us that
"The stylists wanted to give it a design
that associates high-end and technological effect."

The technological aspect does not fail to produce its effect inside, where an imposing central screen is presented as an infotainment system. As for the instrumentation, it's not only digitized, but also positioned higher up to be in the driver's field of vision.

The interior is topped with a panoramic roof and offers generous space for all passengers, even the tallest! A heated steering wheel and front seats come standard, and you can even enjoy radiant heating for your feet and legs.

More details are upcoming regarding the specifications of the two versions, XLE and Limited, as well as the Toyota bZ4X price in Canada.

The new Toyota Safety Sense 3.0

The bZ4X will be the first to feature the latest generation of the Toyota Safety Sense suite, 3.0. This includes new features:

  • Low light cyclist detection
  • Motorcycle rider detection
  • Guardrail detection

The system is also improved overall, with increased radar range to better prevent collisions. In particular, the lane departure detection system has improved recognition of road markings.

The bZ4X will be a 2023 model, scheduled for release next summer. Stay tuned for more information from your Toyota Drummondville dealership, in the heart of Quebec, along Highway 20 between Saint-Hyacinthe and Victoriaville.The Toyota Drummondville team awaits you!

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