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Discover the new Toyota RAV4 2019 unmatched, see it at Toyota Drummondville dealership of new and used Toyota's in Drummondville near Victoriaville

2019 Toyota RAV4 : an unparalleled choice for 25 years!

Toyota Drummondville, the new and used cars’ dealer, provides its customers with a 37-year long experience, and it’s not about to stop there. Located along the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 20), near Saint-Hyacinthe and Victoriaville, Toyota Drummondville has built an extraordinary reputation over the years and customers are very satisfied to do business with its people. Whether it's a quick reminder of a more thorough advice you receive during your Toyota Drummondville experience with our experienced and courteous service and parts technicians, you'll get special attention. Indeed, if we have been in business for so many years, it is thanks to our desire to retain our customers and to offer them more and more for their money.

You will get the Toyota RAV4 price and configuration on-site and our expert advisors will explain in detail the operation of this compact SUV, as well as the innovative features it has and the options available to you. All models of this Japanese manufacturer are reliable, strong and robust. The 2019 RAV4 is no exception to this tradition. Moreover, it can be said that this utility is a pioneer since it has been sold worldwide for more than 25 years and made its appearance in Canada in 1997. Since this vehicle continues year after year its momentum and spectacular sales in our country, the Japanese giant has decided to invest a significant amount of $ 1.4 billion to produce all versions of the RAV4 at its Ontario plants - something to be proud of. This is great news for the Canadian job market and we are proud that the RAV4 is leading the compact utility market with this all-Canadian footprint.

But what makes the RAV4 so unique and why is it so popular? The answer is relatively simple. Toyota’s engineers believe it’s better to invest in quality, almost perfection, from the get-go to ensure the sustainability of the brand afterwards. All Toyota products carry such a high seal of requirements that few manufacturers can reach and match them. When you own a Toyota, you often say that it's for life because they’re so durable. This is true enough that commercial car fleets are composed of Toyota vehicles more than 6 out of 10 times.

In short, the RAV4 is not only a legend, but it has been on most Canada, Quebec and the United States’ roads since 1997, to mention only these countries. In 2019, we are witnessing a new generation of RAV4. It differs from the previous ones in that the vehicle looks less like a sedan, it’s more refined, has a more truck-like appearance, and is available in Hybrid XSE, Limited and Trail versions. In addition, each of its versions are available in several models. It definitely showcases a more stylized approach than previous generations and the completely redesigned 2019 Toyota RAV4 will certainly convince you of its durability, but also of its sportier look that you’ll love.

At Toyota Drummondville, we have all the RAV4 versions and models, and we know them perfectly. Whether you are a "gas" or "hybrid", "Trail" or "refined and robust", we certainly have a RAV4 for you. For those available on gasoline models, a dynamic 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine with an 8-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission will give you power and performance. Speaking of this compact utility’s performance, you’ll be happy to note that on the Trail and Limited models (gasoline), the multiterrain selector will make you discover all the unique strength of the RAV4 in less conventional places, such as in the mud, sand, rocks, more rugged terrain and others. Finally, the all-wheel drive LE and AWD XLE RAV4 AWD models include active, all-wheel drive to subtly detect tire slippage.

In addition, the RAV4 Hybrid 2019 brings an important environmental dimension and nowadays, that’s an essential element to consider. Indeed, the Japanese manufacturer is aware of the requirements and new trends in the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG). Wanting to step into the environmental landscape of tomorrow's Canada, the hybrid version of the RAV4 (offered in 4 separate models) will allow you to see the efforts made to improve the fate of the planet. Indeed, this version of the RAV4 includes 2 electrical engine in addition to a 2.5-liter gasoline unit with dynamic force that provides a net 219 horsepower. Interestingly enough, hybrid RAV4s do not need to be plugged in for charging. In fact, they charge while you’re driving thanks to a recovery system that captures the energy of the electric current and then stores it in the nickel hydrid battery. This is a very interesting point for those who don’t have a charging station or access to an indoor garage. In this regard, the energy efficiency is higher (efficient hybrid), allowing you to achieve more substantial savings. Finally, we must point out that the RAV4 hybrid’s battery was designed by Japanese engineers to never be replaced, so there is nothing better for our wallet and for the environment! Come enjoy the hybrid experience at Toyota Drummondville now. You will find that this model is much more eco-friendly and its suspension a lot sportier. For all intents and purposes, the hybrid SUV seems more powerful than the other models of RAV4, so that’s also a good point for ecofriendly people.

In short, whether it is the gasoline version or the hybrid version, the RAV4 has a sporty and dynamic look, and both versions come equipped with advanced technologies. The vehicle offers an interior focused on comfort and innovative amenities, and features are at the rendezvous. The cabin is spacious with driver-side (optional) and heated (front and rear) and ventilated (front) memory seats, perfect for our winters. In the more advanced models, drivers will benefit from a shifted steering wheel and knob, sofTex seat surfaces and several additional technological features. Furthermore, the RAV4 is equipped with folding rear seats to offer even more cargo space. The RAV4 Trail comes with the towing package that provides a towing capacity of 1,590 kg or 3,500 lbs.

On the technological front, this compact SUV is equipped with the Entune 3.0 audio system that gives you increased connectivity and real-time information. In the Trail, XLE Premium (petrol) and XSE hybrid models, we add the Entune 3.0 Audio Plus and Entune Safety Connect system to locate the vehicle if it’s stolen, an SOS hotkey, roadside assistance and more... On some models, you'll benefit from integrated navigation with Toyota's Technology Group. Finally, the Apple CarPlay application on all models as well as the JBL audio system on the Limited model allow you to keep track on current technology. Let's finish this little tour by pointing out that the 2019 RAV4 has a rearview mirror with digital display (Limited model), a multi-angle rearview camera, an assisted tailgate with a touch of the key on Trail and XLE models, and hands-Free on the Limited model, as is the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) on this model, which is the advanced safety called Toyota.

In short, the 2019 RAV4 has been redesigned to make it bolder. This Japanese audacity will surely give him unexpected successes. At Toyota Drummondville, your dealer near Saint-Hyacinthe and Victoriaville, our people are at your disposal and ready for you to discover this jewel.

In addition, second-hand Toyota Drummondville is also a large dealer of used vehicles. The 2019 RAV4 is certainly a new vehicle, but we also have used vehicules who are waiting for you. Whether you’re looking for a new or a used vehicle, at Toyota Drummondville, we are looking for quality and excellence in our service, you won’t be disappointed by your next visit to us.

At the very end, it should be remembered that all RAV4s are now manufactured in the Cambridge and Woodstock, Ontario plants. This fifth generation presents you with a more lined, squarer RAV4, as well as a completely redesigned and better integrated grille. You will enjoy not only watching it, but driving it and experiencing all the comfort it has to offer. Come today to Toyota Drummondville and try the 2019 RAV4. You will leave amazed by the grandeur and the Japanese talent.

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